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uhm, no need for the mask? (sorry, that was mean.)


Frogs and catholicism in the Philipines... Has this, by any chance, lead to the sanctification of Kermit? Saint Kermit, the patron saint of all frogs - why not... :-)

Ashish Sidapara

This is cool, a grown up froggie ;-)


le roi des grenouilles ^_^


Cute frog costume and the frogman seems delighted, just look at his big smile. What a great photo, Sidney, it makes me smile too!:)D


A funny series. "Frog man's" head is fabulous. This much be great fun for all. NIce shots.

Suby & Sinem

I just crack up everytime I visit your blog, :D


i'm from pampanga but never heard that there is such kind of festival. cool. have you tried to eat frog? its nice :)


Quand je disais qu'ils sont parmi nous (les E.T) ;-)

Les opposants à Nicolas Sarkozy, le traite de fasciste! Mais les fascistes ce sont ceux qui bloquent la France ;-)

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Very creative costumes. It must have been a fun and colorful parade.


Ils se préparent pour être pêchés à leur tour ?


apres les filles, les garcons... et ensuite? moi je veux voir l'epluchage des grenouilles vivantes...just to cry a little! :-)


Thanks for enjoy us with the smiling frogs of Philippines !


Excellent colorful series. What a fascinating tradition, and to think that the Pampangans eat frogs as delicacy :)

Wim van der Meij

Mickey the Frog in the Philippines!
They heve great heads and the make me smile!


This series is SO cute! It made me smile :).


I've never seen frogs been celebrated like celebrities! But it's a nice insight of this festival Sidney.



I've never seen a place where frogs are revered and celebrated ! The pics are enough to tell the story :)


the kapampangans certainly have a healthy sense of humor, as shown by ur nice photos ahaha


Hello again Sidney, just enjoying your wonderful photoblog and to thank you for the thoughtful comments you left me.

I don't know what you put in that camera of yours but it sure makes the photos come out alive and vibrant. You got the touch!


now that's funny. he's like a mythical creature now. half frog half human. say like the mythical garuda (half human, half bird) or griffin (half phoenix, half lion) or the centaur (half man, half horse). i like a nice laugh before putting that huge froggy head on.


I prefer this to the frogs actually being dressed up.


Ils ont de l'humour ces filipinos. Et puis toujours entre dérision et désespoir!
Vu "Tribu" de Jim Libiran à l'Alliance . Ca se passe à Tondo! film moyen mais vision terrible de la vie dans ce quartier

haggis basher

A bright show of colour against a background of dirty concrete and rusty tin roof's.

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